Content Marketing strategy for 2018

Content Marketing strategy for 2018

Content Marketing strategy for 2018 – Content marketing is evolving. Here’s how to keep up with the changes and get your content marketing strategy ready for the next twelve months.

There has been an increased focus on content marketing as part of a digital strategy over the last few years. 2018 will be the year that more brands will realize the potential of branded content and how this can lead to a successful marketing strategy – read about SEO Tips for Casino.

As content becomes a greater priority, there are also growing challenges on how to stand out with your content as a brand. The best way to solve this problem is to keep up with the trends in order to adapt your marketing strategy when needed.

Here are five ways to make sure that your content marketing strategy won’t stall over the next twelve months.

Using data-driven content marketing strategy

A closer focus on data can help you learn more about your audience. Your data can make your content marketing more effective by providing the right content for the right audience while delivering it at the right time and in the right format.

Moreover, personalization can bring your audience closer to your content and the segmentation of the content according to their needs can increase the engagement.

A data-driven content marketing strategy can also make the process of content discovery easier by analyzing your existing content but also your competitors’. This way you can explore which content has more chances to bring you closer to your goals.

The most important reason though to invest in data analysis is to improve the content measurement. It’s easier to justify your work by measuring the content marketing ROI and according to CMI’s B2B Content Marketing Report for 2018, 47% of B2B marketers don’t measure content marketing ROI. 2018 can be the year of spending more time on data and what this means for our marketing efforts.

Content as part of the buyer’s journey

Content marketing is becoming more important for marketing and sales purposes. That’s why it’d be critical to explore in 2018 how it can be part of all stages of the buyer’s journey.

A piece of content can work towards awareness, engagement, or conversion and the analysis of the goals from each type of content can lead to a more effective strategy.

For example, if a business wants to improve conversions, then a marketing strategy should involve ideas to contribute towards that goal. This can be achieved with content that makes lead generation easier, while the optimisation of the journey and the following steps can increase the chances of success.

If the goal is to improve the awareness for the company, then the types of content might be different, focusing on a broader audience with the purpose of reaching new readers that can eventually turn into loyal ones.

The variety of content types makes content marketing a very important part of the sales funnel and that’s why it’s important to establish how to align the business and content marketing goals.

Documentation of the strategy

A content marketing strategy can help you get more organized while maintaining an overview of your goals. It assists in planning the next steps and it becomes easier to meet your objectives.

However, not all marketers focus on the documentation of their strategy.

According to CMI’s report, 38% of B2B marketers who have a content marketing strategy don’t have it documented yet. This means that they have come up with a plan on how to use content marketing, but it hasn’t been written down to present it in a more strategic way.

A documented content marketing strategy can provide an overview among all stakeholders on the next plans. It can help marketers become accountable for their work. Moreover, it can be the first step to a more efficient and productive year by focusing on what matters most to the business goals.

Creating conversational content

2018 will be the year that conversational content will grow even more. A marketing strategy needs to consider this rising trend and make sure it takes into account when planning the future content plans.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp, bots taking over Facebook’s Messenger, but also digital assistants have brought up the need for new types of content. People are getting more used to private messaging, voice search and bot communication. This means that marketers need to create content that highlights their brand’s authenticity.

As technology evolves, it will become even more important to be authentic while delivering an immersive experience. This is the right time to explore how these new trends can affect your brand and what it takes to create the right content for each one of them.

The first step is to establish whether your audience is gradually moving towards these trends. Then, it’s time to come up with a plan on how your marketing strategy is expected to change. Most importantly, it’s important to measure any new experiments to justify your shift in your marketing strategy.

Bigger focus on content marketing technology

Content marketing is becoming more important for a digital strategy. This has created the need to invest in the technology that will make your work more efficient.

As more tasks pile up in the day of a content marketing manager, new tools show up to improve productivity and efficiency.

Content marketing technology is addressing the needs of a content marketer and it focuses on making their work easier. It’s a narrow-angle of martech and its general rise in the marketing field and it aims to automate the right tasks and get the best results from a planned content marketing strategy.

More content marketing managers will invest their budget in such technologies, in an attempt to keep up with the latest trends and create a successful strategy. This decision is also encouraged by the fact that 38% of B2B marketers in CMI’s report expect their content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months.

SEO Tips for Casinos

SEO Tips for Casinos

SEO Tips for Casinos – You have a considerable job to do as the owner or marketing manager of a casino. Your goal is to bring more people to your establishment and encourage them to try their luck against the house odds. With that goal in mind, it’s vital to understand the importance of gaining more online visibility. The bigger and better your online presence, the more people you can expect to walk through the doors of your casino.

The world of online marketing has evolved in recent years — and it will continue to do so, especially for casinos. Your digital marketing campaign should begin with a strong, aesthetically pleasing website that houses all of the information your potential guests need. Your website should showcase fun, relevant content. In order to create that shareable content, you must have a plan in place for local SEO.

To learn more about creating a custom SEO plan for your casino, contact us at +356 796 38791!

SEO Tips for Casinos – What is SEO?

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the broad term used to describe all of the efforts you make online to raise your website’s visibility and attract more traffic. As you use relevant keywords and post high-authority content, search engines like Google will recognize you as a reputable business and rank you well in the results of users’ searchers. Over time, this will lead to more site visitors, and ultimately more guests at your casino.

SEO is broken down into two main categories:

On-page SEO

These elements include everything on your website, like page titles, headers, images, and body content. If you’ve never optimized your site before, these elements should be your first priority.

Off-page SEO

These elements include SEO signals from other websites, such as link building, content distribution, and social media marketing. The most important of these is links, as links from reputable sites show search engines that your website is trustworthy. However, off-page SEO takes significantly more time and effort, as you have much less control over the content on other sites.

Mastering both categories and learning to tweak your plan when necessary will take you a long way when it comes to improving your ranking in search engines.

SEO tips for your casino

There are specific strategies you should consider when implementing SEO for your casino. If you use the right keywords, produce engaging content, and highlight reviews from satisfied guests, you’ll be well on your way to improving and maintaining your rankings in search engines.

1. Know your keywords

It’s crucial to know the keywords that will bring more people to your casino’s website. In order to do this, conduct keyword research using Google Analytics or other reputable resource. And keep in mind that even if you think you know the proper search terms, it’s important to revisit them periodically.

The Internet is constantly evolving as new sites are added and consumer preferences change, meaning that the terms that worked last year may be outdated within a few months. Plus, there’s a lot of competition for high rankings, especially for casinos. It’s crucial to look at keywords as a work in progress to make sure the ones you use remain effective for your business.

It’s also worth noting that you should always opt for natural keyword usage when it comes to SEO for casinos. Search engines penalize sites that stuff too many keywords into their copy, so even if you do it with the intention of improving your SEO, it could actually hurt your site in the long run.

2. Optimize everything

There are many elements of your website and content that can be optimized, so make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity. It’s important to remember that every page on your website has the chance to rank individually, so each one should be optimized for specific long-tail keywords.

Instead of optimizing your entire site for, say, “casino Malta” identify what each page is truly about (ex. games, shows, food, amenities), and optimize it for relevant terms. Limit each page to one or two keywords, and you’ll have a better chance of ranking for a variety of searches.

3. Maintain consistent content publication

Once you know your keywords, it’s important to incorporate them naturally into your content. Today, “content” refers to many different possibilities. Consider creating any of the following:

  • Blog posts
  • News articles
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Infographics

However, remember that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to posting and frequency. There is a lot of content already out there for casinos that doesn’t offer anything new for interested readers, and yours shouldn’t add to that.

When people visit your website or come across something you post on another site, aim to intrigue them by adding a new voice to the conversation. Stay away from repeating the same old information that’s been published repeatedly, and in many different ways. Opt to bring a new perspective or information, and you’ll be much more successful in capturing readers’ attention.

4. SEO Tips for Casinos – Showcase reviews

Online reviews and testimonials can have a significant impact on your site’s conversion rate. People will naturally review your casino, but you can also encourage them to provide feedback about your services, as well. As you gain more positive reviews and testimonials and highlight them on your site, your SEO will continue to strengthen.

Ready to get started?

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Casino Link Building

Casino Link Building

Casino Link BuildingOnline casinos and sports betting are dominant industries that have appeared in the World Wide Web a few years ago. If your niche is focused on online gambling or general casino services/information, then you have to be very competitive.

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The online casino industry is very competitive and that’s why any website owner needs to get top quality services to keep the site relevant in search engines.

What does the gambling/casino site link building offers? This unique niche casino link building service is focused on finding relevant websites that can help generate targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is highly valuable since it helps in increasing the site’s dominance to their intended market.

To do that, the casino link building, gambling focuses on finding one way, permanent links. All Casino link building processes are done manually with the help of our professional team. What can you expect? Better rankings, a considerable increase of traffic, consistent rise in sales and better site performance.

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Search Engine Traffic Attraction: Typical Strategies

Casinos’ choice of traffic sources is usually rather limited, and the search engines play a key role in this issue. The basic strategy for the casino in Malta is search engine optimization and PPC advertising.

Pay Per Click

It is important to note that in order to provide contextual advertising in Google AdWords, you must have a gambling license for this area. Furthermore, even if you have a license, Google AdWords will not be able to place your ads in the context media network – only in the search results.

Average cost per a click is about  10. It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of big brands, which will have to be competed in paid search results have the most powerful player retention systems and loyalty schemes.

Therefore, the average revenue they get from a player will be significantly higher and, consequently, much larger amounts can be spent on attracting players and as a result, big brands can afford much higher CPC than new projects.

In this respect, the development strategy of the PPC campaign may require trying to find a narrow niche, with lower competition.

PPC campaign ideas:

  • players are most active in the evenings (time targeting);
  • men start gambling much more intensively before the football games, about 1-2 hours before the broadcast (time and demographic targeting);
  • not all the casinos pay enough attention to the female audience (demographic targeting);
  • competition by the narrower queries is much weaker (the structure of PPC campaigns by games), etc.