Online Casino Apps

Online Casino Apps

Online casino apps are a fun and convenient way to play your favourite games on the go, and they’re a bit different than the mobile version of online casinos that make their lobby available to players on their mobile device. Rather than pull open the web browser app and go to the online casino’s website, you click on the app itself instead.

The immediate advantage is that you can play and bet with real money even when you don’t have an Internet connection, but there is more to consider than just that.

What Is a Online Casino App?

A casino app is just what it sounds like. A shopping app would be Amazon or eBay’s app, where its full catalogue isn’t just available from the app, Online casino appsbut the user experience flow is tailored specifically for the mobile device, making it far more intuitive than just visiting the website on the browser app.

The same goes for streaming apps, rideshare, or whatever else, including a casino app (although they do not have a standard online casino counterpart, they are standalone virtual casinos.) It’s the fun of betting online with the features and design specifically crafted and optimized for mobile usage.

You can find them in the app store like you would any other app as easy as typing “casino” into the search bar.

Are Online Casino Apps Legitimate?

One of the coolest parts about a casino app that you don’t get out of an online casino is the oversight of the Google or Apple app store moderators. The Internet is kind of like the Wild West, where anyone or any company can have a website, and it’s up to the individual to be careful about where they go.

In these app stores, you can’t just release an app, there’s a vetting process to ensure the company is legitimate, as the stores themselves have a reputation to upload for their users. While the Google app store is more relaxed than Apple, they both would not allow an unlicensed, unregulated, scam of a casino app in their app store.

How Are They Different From a Standard Online Casino?

Honestly, casino apps are a lot more limited than a standard online casino. You won’t have as many options to choose from, and most of them are focused primarily — if not entirely — on Slots.

And even if you’re a Slots-only player, you will still find more Slots at a Slots-focused online casino than you will on any app. Also, if you go to an online casino’s mobile site, you don’t have to actually download an app, so if you’re running low on space on your mobile device, an app might not be the best move.

Still, both with an online casino and a casino app, players can bet money in the hopes of winning money without having to travel to a land-based casino. In that regard, they’re exactly the same.

What Is the Accessibility of These Apps?

Another difference from online casinos is the fact that casino apps can be blocked on two fronts. Firstly, it can be blocked in your region. You’ll have a lot easier time finding an online casino available to Canadian players than you will finding a casino app, and that’s just based on the pure number of options.

We direct you to the best of the best right here so that you don’t have to do any searching yourself, and you don’t have to keep checking to see if the online casino is even available to your region. But the other reason an online casino app could be blocked is based on the type of mobile device you’re using.

One casino app could be available to just Android users, but not Apple users, and vice versa. It’s just going to take some searching through the app store to see what’s available to you.

Take a look at the options and see if they fit your interest level before making a deposit, same with an online casino.

The plus side to living in the modern day is all the different options. The downside is that you have to decide between them (though that’s not a bad problem to have.)

Link Building For Gambling Websites

Link Building For Gambling Websites

Link Building For Gambling WebsitesOnline casinos and sports betting are dominant industries that have appeared in the World Wide Web a few years ago. If your niche is focused on online gambling or general casino services/information, then you have to be very competitive. Nowadays, with hundreds of competing sites, you have to be at the top of the game.

If that’s your concern, it would be a wise decision to get the link building for gambling/casino website. The online casino industry is very competitive and that’s why any website owner needs to get top quality services to keep the site relevant in search engines.

Link Building For Gambling Websites

What does the gambling/casino site link building offers? This unique niche link building service is focused on finding relevant websites that can help generate targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is highly valuable since it helps in increasing the site’s dominance to their intended market. To do that, the casino link building, gambling focuses on finding one way, permanent links. All link building processes are done manually with the help of our professional team.

What can you expect? Better rankings, a considerable increase of traffic, consistent rise in sales and better site performance. Link building is a complex process and requires capable hands to effectively implement. Through our niche link building services, we can help you in finding the best opportunities to make your casino site stand out among the competitive crowd. Explore the true potential of your business now. Create your online networks and channels now like the pros always do.

This service is specially designed on high demand of our clients, we prefer to use this service only if you looking for DA and PA, one way link building for Bingo, Blackjack, Casinos, Gambling, Lotteries, Poker, Roulette & Slots related websites.

Take a look at features of our Gambling One Way Link Building Service:

  • Quality DA and PA one way relevant links with low OBL.
  • About 60%+ links will be on Home page placement.
  • 80% Links will have different C-Class IP’s.
  • All Links will be Top relevant (From Gambling/Casino/Poker related websites only).
  • Links will be placed on pages having Google Cache & link page will be well index in Google.
  • Links will be passed from No-Follow Check Status, This mean none of links will be placed with code “rel=”nofollow”.
  • Deep Links (inner pages) are allowed in our service.
  • No FFA links and No links from MFA sites.
  • Never provide you any links from directories & link farm sites.
  • After completion of job I will provide a Comprehensive link report showing the location of all placed links.

UK Online Casinos History

UK Online Casinos History

UK Online Casinos History – Online gambling has made spectacular strides during its short yet storied history. It’s pretty clear that we’ve come a long way from the unregulated underground internet casinos of the 1990s. Players can now enjoy hundreds of games at fully licensed casinos anywhere in UE. It’s hard not to be impressed by huge jackpots and technological innovations like live dealer games and mobile play. Yet these developments didn’t happen overnight. It’s worth getting to know the past, present, and future of internet casinos.

1994 – Microgaming claim the honour of releasing the world’s first online casino software. Developer Cryptologic joins the race a year later by introducing the first online security measures to protect financial transactions. Meanwhile, Antigua & Barbuda leads the race in forming a platform for online gaming sites to apply for the proper licenses.

1996 – InterCasino, the world’s first standalone casino sites opens its doors. Players in the United Kingdom and across the globe can place real-money wagers using their PC.

1998 – Microgaming releases Cash Splash, the world’s first online progressive jackpot slot machine. The game, which currently features 15 paylines, continues to be available today. The networked jackpot, which was available across multiple casino sites, set the framework for today’s multi-million pound jackpots. Microgaming also pushes ahead with software that can be downloaded to the desktop or played via the web browser.

2001 – Rival jurisdictions begin to issue gaming licenses to internet casino operators. British Crown territories Alderney, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar begin regulating gambling sites for global play. 3D slots begin to make an appearance.

2003 – Antigua begins what will be a decade-long dispute with the United States when the US begins prohibiting offshore internet gaming sites from providing services to US players.

2005 – The WTO (World Trade Organization) rules that the US has indeed violated international trade agreements. Antigua claims it has around $3.4 billion of losses per year, but is awarded just $21 million. Meanwhile, Microgaming releases Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, one of the first casino slots to be available on mobile phones.

The UK government passes the Gambling Act of 2005, which aims to modernise gaming in the United Kingdom, including online.

2006 – The US online casino and gambling market takes a hit when UIGEA is introduced. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prohibits the processing of financial transactions from players to casinos and poker sites. As a result, many major players withdraw from the US market. Notably, however, many online casinos – licensed in places like Antigua and Costa Rica – continue to accept real-money wagers from US gamblers. While these changes don’t directly affect British players, it does cause global gambling experts to sound their alarms.

2007 – The first online ‘live’ casino games are offered from a small Dublin casino. ‘Real’ roulette and blackjack games are played by human croupiers using real tables and cards. The action is beamed via live stream to players’ desktops so they can then place bets on the action. Within six years every major online casino has their own live dealer games.

The UK Gambling Commission is formed. The government agency is now responsible for licensing and regulating gambling providers across the United Kingdom, including online casinos. Apple releases the iPhone, which will eventually transform the way UK players enjoy online casino games.

2009 – United Kingdom internet gambling revenue tops £1.6-billion annually.

2010 – Approximately 865 online casinos are in operation with many welcoming UK players. Apple releases the first iPad.

2012 – First social casino appears on Facebook, allowing players to enjoy games for play-money. Games allow players to make ‘in-app’ purchases to unlock levels and new games. A move into real-money casino games is less successful for those firms making the plunge.

2013 – Mobile gambling explodes, with an estimated £6.7 billion gambled on smartphones and tablets worldwide in 2013. By this time, social casinos reach a peak, with around £1 billion spent on social casino games.

Progressive jackpots continue to rise as more and more players take to online slots. NetEnt’s Mega Fortune game breaks the record for an online payout when an anonymous Finnish player wins €17,861,813.

2014 – The Gambling (Advertising and Licensing) Bill passes in the UK. Any company wanting to offer real-money casino games to UK customers must obtain a Gambling Commission license and face UK taxes on revenue, even if they are located outside the United Kingdom.

The same year, Antigua, who had pioneered gaming licensing ten years earlier, moves to seek millions of dollars from the US in compensation for what it sees as a breach of commitment to the members of the World Trade Organization.

2015 – The Apple Watch is launched as the first wearable Smartphone tech. Casino apps and games are slow to be released, but Microgaming lead the way with the announcement of an Apple Watch adaptation of their popular The Dark Knight slot.

The United Kingdom record for an online slots payout is broken when a British soldier takes down a progressive jackpot worth £13.2 million playing Mega Moolah.

2016 – Mega Moolah celebrates its ten-year anniversary and awards the largest mobile gaming jackpot in online casino history. A player wins the equivalent of £9.5-million off a £1.25 iPad wager. For the first time, more UK players now choose to play on a mobile or tablet than a laptop or desktop.

UK Online Casinos History – What The Future Holds

It’s hard to believe it’s just over 20 years since the first online games appeared. Casinos have risen from a few dozen to several thousand, while jackpots have exploded to seven figures. The industry as a whole is expected to quadruple over the next few years, helped by mobile and social casinos, but it’s pretty clear that internet gambling is only getting started.

You can expect more games that work on wearables, as well as fully immersive virtual reality gambling. No matter how you choose to play, these are sure to be exciting times for casino players across the United Kingdom.

SEO tips, Casino Website

SEO tips, Casino Website

SEO tips, Casino Website – As the owner of an online casino website, it’s your job to figure out how to market it so you can get new players and more exposure on a regular basis. Without a constant influx of players, your website will remain stagnant and you’ll have a hard time growing your site to the level you hope to achieve.

There are plenty of people researching online casinos on the Internet. Using search engine optimization to get your site in front of them is a great way to capture their attention. Combine that with great daily bonuses, promo codes, exciting events, and other awesome activities, you can use traffic from the search engines to take your online casino to the next level.

With that said, let’s take a look at some powerful tips to make it easier than ever to market your casino on the web. If you use these tips to your advantage, you’ll see your website traffic steadily grow as your player base and deposits expand.

SEO tips, Casino Website – Use Keyword Research to Find the Top Keywords before Writing Content

For some reason, casino owners love to start pumping out content day after day without actually performing keyword research. This is a huge mistake because researching your keywords is the best way to dominate the search engines and it’s the only way to find out what your potential players are looking up when they search for online casino type keyword phrases.

SEO Tips, Casino Website – Without knowing these exact terms, you will not know how to properly optimize your website. You will not know what keywords to add to your content, and ultimately this will make it a lot harder to get solid rankings in the search engines.

If you’re trying to promote Malta or UK online casinos, you’ll need to go to Google’s keyword planner and run a search on that keyword phrase. After you run this search, it will give you plenty of ideas for other top-notch casino keywords very similar to your starting point.

After you’ve gathered this information, you can begin writing content around it. This is the perfect way to attain search engine rankings for the best keyword phrases related to your online casino. Take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later.

According to a popular online casino promo codes website, building your content around the best keyword phrases in your niche is a great way to get more traffic to your site which will ultimately result in more deposits and players.

Onpage Optimization

Onpage optimization (on-page SEO) refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta description and title tags. Conversely, off-page SEO refers to links and other signals.

A search engine evaluates a website differently to a human visitor. A search engine can’t evaluate how nicely your website is designed, how well your content is written or how much value your products/services provide. It has to judge a website from a technical point of view.

On-site optimisation is the foundation on which the off-site optimisation process builds upon. Without it, off-site optimisation efforts can go largely to waste. The process is wide ranging, and will vary slightly from website to website, but these are some of the main factors that form the on-site optimisation process:

  • Add keywords to urls, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and alt tags.
  • SEO Tips, Casino Website – Ensure each page has a unique and descriptive title and description.
  • Assign existing, or create new, pages for each keyword.
  • Improve content to match/better content on competitor websites.
  • Assess existing and potential keyword targets.
  • Remove, merge or add to pages that have little useful content on them.
  • Check the site loads properly in different web browsers and screen resolutions.
  • Analyse inbound link profile.
  • Ensure call to actions are located in prominent positions.
  • Link to important pages from the homepage and/or main navigation area.
  • Improve the readability and formatting of written content.
  • Check for and fix broken links.
  • Add structured data mark-up code.
  • Claim authorship of content.
  • Fix duplicate content issues.
  • Add in-content links where appropriate.
  • Remove unnecessary outbound links.
  • Create a user-friendly 404 error page.
  • Assess and improve page loading times.
  • Add social media sharing buttons.
  • Create and submit an XML sitemap.
  • Set-up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Some of these factors only ever need to be dealt with once, whereas others need to be regularly reviewed to see what further improvements can be made. Unless a professional SEO consultant has worked on your website, it’s highly unlikely that your website will be at all optimised for search engines, as on-site optimisation is something that web design companies rarely pay any attention to.

Perform Off Page Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tips, Casino Website – What is off page search engine optimization? Well, the main way to perform off page SEO is to build backlinks to your homepage and online content. When you create valuable content and share it on the web, other similar sites will naturally link back to yours and this will help improve your search engine rankings.

Instead of waiting for other websites to naturally link back to your site, you want to intentionally go out and start creating your own backlinks. These links are going to act as signals to Google which will help you improve in the search engine rankings.

More often than not, your rankings will improve even better if you get links from high domain authority sites. Plus, if these sites have thematic relevance in the online casinos niche, the links will be even more powerful and this will act as a major signal to Google to begin boosting your site in the search engine results.

According to a popular site that offers Virgin online casino codes, amidst other offerings, off page SEO and backlink building (link building) is the perfect way to get search engine traffic coming to your site.

Please use these SEO tips to effectively market your online casino website.

Drive Traffic to Your Online Casino

Drive Traffic to Your Online Casino

Drive Traffic to Your Online Casino – Site visitors is the lifeblood of any online casino business. All of it begins with visitors. Certain, conversions and hyperlink constructing matter. However, if you cannot determine a method to get these eyeballs onto your web page, then conversions would be the final thing you may be worrying about. Now, everyone knows that we will pay for visitors. Certain. However, that is not the one manner you may get these prospects to indicate up.

The reality? Natural visitors converts at ten to 13 occasions that of paid visitors. Clearly, when somebody finds you, your product or your service organically, there’s much more motivation to buy. Why? As a result of everybody is aware of that if Google’s vouched for you, then no matter it’s that you simply’re promoting, have to be good.

Nevertheless, whether or not you deal with natural methods to extend the visitors to your web site or paid methods, you’ll want to first get a lay of the land. Understanding how one can get that profitable visitors to indicate up is just half the battle. Truly doing the work to get them there’s a entire different ball recreation.

Growing Your On-line On line casino Web site Site visitors

Earlier than you do something, you’ll want to be sure that you are monitoring and analyzing your outcomes. You may’t work on rising your visitors if you do not know the place you are ranging from. Three belongings you’ll want right here to put in to trace every little thing:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • AMP Analytics

AMP refers to Accelerated Cellular Pages Mission. It is a light-weight framework for cell units. Because it’s light-weight, it wants its personal analytics and does not presently work off the generic analytics integration. For WordPress, you want a particular plugin that you can download here.

As soon as every little thing is buzzing, monitor your periods and your touchdown pages. This fashion you may know what number of precise occasions folks visited your web site and what pages they arrived by. Google Search Console will mean you can affiliate key phrases to every of these visits, together with how usually they had been displayed versus what number of occasions they had been clicked by.

As soon as every little thing is buzzing, monitor your periods and your touchdown pages. This fashion you may know what number of precise occasions folks visited your web site and what pages they arrived by. Google Search Console will mean you can affiliate key phrases to every of these visits, together with how usually they had been displayed versus what number of occasions they had been clicked by.

On-line On line casino Paid Adverts

Paid advertisements are an apparent method to rising visitors. You may merely flip them on like a faucet. However, in case you’re diving into Fb advertisements or Google advertisements or YouTube advertisements and so forth, be certain your gross sales funnel is air tight. In any other case, you are largely losing your time and your cash by sending paid visitors to your website.

That is the place you’ll want to guarantee the right touchdown pages and funnels which can be working to transform your visitors into leads and patrons. With out that, you are largely losing your time.

SEO (search engine marketing)

One among my absolute obsessions is search engine optimization (SEO). However, search engine marketing will not be for the faint of coronary heart. It takes appreciable quantities of effort. However, you’ll be able to simply implement an search engine marketing technique alongside a paid technique to develop your visitors over time.

What I’ve come to note about natural visitors is that it converts from anyplace between 10 to 13 occasions extra and higher than its paid-traffic counterparts. And it is free. Seize a great search engine marketing course or audiobook and take the time to review and be taught it in-depth or rent somebody who is aware of what they’re doing on the subject of this talent set.

Visitor Running a blog

Visitor running a blog is a reasonably easy method to drive visitors to your On-line On line casino. So long as you are visitor running a blog on a website that has appreciable attain, it ought to generate some wholesome visitors numbers for you. Even higher? Be certain that the visitor weblog is topical or associated to the trade that you simply’re in. You may discover a exhausting time convincing standard blogs and bloggers to visitor weblog on their website, but it surely’s nicely price it when simply considered one of them agrees.

Instagram visitors

Instagram is an effective way to drive visitors to your website. Remember to use related hash tags when posting footage or interacting with others. Take the time to touch upon different related pictures from those that have massive followings. Nevertheless, watch out to not be too promotional on each submit. Add worth by a 3-to-1 ratio. Three worth posts to 1 promotional submit.

Fb Pages and Teams

Discover related Fb Pages and Teams and begin commenting and interesting with others. Do not spam. Do not promote. Not at first at the least. However, remark and interact. Add worth. Then, and solely then, when the chance is correct, direct them to a related piece of content material in your website that may assist add to the dialog. When achieved proper, not solely are you able to get the correct eyeballs, however these prospects can shortly flip into prospects.

LinkedIn article publishing

I usually use LinkedIn as a platform for serving to to convey consciousness to a subject. LinkedIn has large attain and it is also what we name an authority website. When achieved the correct method to the correct viewers, that article can herald droves of visitors to your website. Use the long-form format and make it key phrase particular but additionally related to the viewers you are making an attempt to achieve.

Electronic mail advertising and marketing

Electronic mail advertising and marketing continues to be among the best strategies you should utilize, not just for being profitable on-line, but additionally for driving guests to no matter it’s that you simply’re selling. You may both construct your personal e-mail listing utilizing lead magnets and gross sales funnels, or you’ll be able to run solo advertisements by solo advert suppliers or e-mail listing brokers. Simply seek for the subject + ” e-mail listing dealer” in Google.

YouTube video advertising and marketing

YouTube is a robust medium. Everyone knows that. However, how many individuals are assured sufficient to place themselves on the market and create YouTube movies? Not many. However, contemplating how a lot attain YouTube has, and the truth that it is the quantity two search engine on the earth behind Google, extra folks ought to leverage this platform. Discover methods to make tutorial movies that add a great deal of worth. And do it usually.

Conduct webinars

I’ve seen firsthand simply how highly effective the webinar medium is. Webinars won’t solely drive related visitors and improve visits to your website, however you may also use them to earn a living quick. It does not matter what you promote, so long as you utilize the right webinar components, you’ll be able to fairly actually make tens of millions.

Refresh expired web site content material

If in case you have outdated content material in your weblog, refresh it. Deliver it updated. Expired content material is ineffective. If it expired, then it is best to determine a method to make it extra related by bringing it present. It does not take a lot effort, however it will probably assist ship highly effective relevancy indicators to Google. In flip, it will improve your visitors over time.

Create infographics, Drive Site visitors to Your On-line On line casino

Infographics are an effective way you’ll be able to assist improve consciousness to only about any enterprise. Create an infographic primarily based on research which can be related to your subject or trade. Then, share these with the world. Rent an excellent designer and construct one thing that is high quality and never one thing that is shortly thrown collectively.

Improve the velocity of your web site

Web site velocity is a giant issue that is associated to relevancy. Your website is way extra related if it hundreds shortly. To that finish, discover a good content-delivery community (CDN) you’ll be able to incorporate equivalent to Amazon’s CloudFront or different companies. CDNs assist to unfold your content material throughout servers all around the world and serve them to the closest customer. Additionally, cut back and optimize pictures and use a service like Oleg Schegolev’s SEMRush to assist establish efficiency points along with your website’s velocity.

Optimize for cell units

At this time, we’re coping with a mobile-first index on Google. However, the apparent fact is that much less and fewer individuals are utilizing desktop units to entry the web. If your online casino site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you are going to be dropping out on a considerable amount of visitors.

Weblog your coronary heart out

After all, final however not least, is to weblog your coronary heart out. If you do not have a weblog in your web site, begin one instantly. And weblog your coronary heart out. Add immense worth and watch because the visitors comes flooding into your website. However, it’s a must to be constant. You may’t begin and cease each few weeks or months. That will not assist.

Google Mobile First Indexing

Google Mobile First Indexing

Google Mobile First Indexing – Google has launched extra particulars on their upcoming Mobile First indexing change that may see the search engine rank the mobile variations of webpages. At the moment, Google indexes the desktop model of a web page, however will serve the mobile model for many who search from a mobile system.

Many site owners had loads of questions on this alteration, particularly because it pertains to rating and indexing casino websites that presently serve completely different variations of the identical content material to desktop versus mobile searchers.

Google first introduced the upcoming change final month, however with this new announcement from Doantam Phan, a Google Product Supervisor, it has now entered the testing part inside the mobile search outcomes. And we now know much more particulars in regards to the change.

I’ve additionally reached out to Google to make clear among the factors within the newly launched data on mobile first.

Google Mobile First Indexing – Why the change?

Google desires to ensure they’re serving the very best quality search outcomes to their customers. And with greater than 50% of searches being made on mobile units, the truth that Google ranks desktop was beginning to turn into extra of a difficulty.

This is because of the truth that some web sites serve completely different content material to mobile customers – normally a shortened or abbreviated model of the content material – whereas serving a extra in depth and detailed model to desktop customers.

However since Google ranks primarily based on the desktop web site, this meant that some customers on mobile may select a search outcome that seems to have what they’re searching for, but cant discover it after they go to the web page, as a result of the content material was solely accessible when considered on a desktop.

This isn’t a shock, as Gary Illyes from Google has talked about a number of occasions that Google was engaged on a mobile solely index.
Who Will Be Impacted?

Whereas all websites will see their content material ranked on the mobile model, there are two particular areas the place web site house owners will probably must make adjustments. The primary is for websites that serve completely different content material to cell customers in comparison with desktop customers. The second is websites which have eliminated structured information markup from their cell pages.

In any other case, for these websites that serve similar content material, comparable to with responsive and dynamic serving casino sites (read: SEO Tips for Casino), shouldn’t must make any adjustments in any respect.

m. Separate URL Cell Websites

Websites which are presently using configurations, the place cell and desktop are on fully completely different pages and generally even websites, would be the ones most impacted my the brand new cell first index – Google Cell First Indexing. As a result of most m. websites do have completely different content material, if the cell model of every web page has much less content material, these pages may lose their rankings for lengthy tail key phrases for content material that solely seems on the desktop model of the web page and never the cell one.

Websites with completely different content material might want to think about the influence it will have on their web site, particularly because it may end in a lack of visitors if the content material lacking from the cell web site is similar content material that can also be rating nicely in Google.

NEW – Decreased Content material on Cell Web page

You will need to notice that when you use much less content material on the cell model of a web page, as soon as Google adjustments over to the cell first index, you’ll solely be capable of rank for the content material that seems on the cell web page – Google Cell First Indexing. If the content material exists on the desktop model of the web page however not the corresponding cell web page, the location may lose rankings and search visitors associated to the lacking content material.

Gary Illyes additionally confirmed that they won’t use the longer desktop content material when a truncated model of the content material seems on cell. Google will solely be indexing the content material on the cell web site.

UPDATED – Google Search Console Verification

When you’ve got your cell web site arrange on a subdomain, comparable to, or on a distinct area, comparable to, ensure you confirm the location in Google Search Console. This implies you may be notified about any points in your cell web site, comparable to blocking Googlebot or crawl errors, in addition to if there are any extra critical issues, comparable to handbook actions, impacting the cell web site.

You will need to notice that Google considers and as two completely different properties ( can be yet one more property, as would the URLs with and with out HTTPS on them), so you need to confirm each in an effort to get the total information.

And for these with any confusion about Google’s weblog publish, Gary Illyes confirmed that responsive websites don’t must reverify their websites for the upcoming adjustments.

UPDATED – Canonicals

Google says that canonicals is not going to must be modified. However what about going ahead, ought to web site house owners start altering canonicals on new pages to replicate that the cell web page is the one being listed? Based on Phan, no.

Phan says, “Websites should not have to make adjustments to their canonical hyperlinks; we’ll proceed to make use of these hyperlinks as guides to serve the suitable outcomes to a consumer looking on desktop or cell.”

That is nice information for websites with a lot of canonicals in place, each for matching cell and desktop pages and for matching pages that will in any other case be flagged as duplicate, to indicate the web page the location proprietor would favor to be listed.

So it appears that evidently Google will be capable of perceive the canonicals between a cell model of a web page and a desktop one, even when the desktop is taken into account the principle canonical URL.

Google Structured Knowledge

When you’ve got eliminated markup from the cell pages in an effort to velocity up load time, you will want so as to add that again to the cell web page, in any other case you’ll ultimately lose these wealthy snippets as soon as Google adjustments over to the cell first index. And this could positively be executed sooner quite than later, since it’s probably that searchers who find yourself seeing the cell first index adjustments dwell within the search outcomes wouldn’t see the location’s structured information if it wasn’t on the cell web site.

Google does advocate that you just scale back the quantity of structured information on pages.

When including structured information to a cell web site, keep away from including giant quantities of markup that isn’t related to the particular data content material of every doc.

Usually pages are mechanically marked up with additional schema that isn’t utilized by Google within the search outcomes, normally on account of a plugin, so it’s price taking a better take a look at what schema is marked up on the cell pages in an effort to preserve load occasions as quick as attainable.

You can even use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure the best markup is being proven.

NEW – Hyperlinks

That is an space that appears to be extra of a piece in progress. Google has mentioned beforehand that individuals are inclined to not hyperlink out as a lot on cell pages when in comparison with the desktop one. And since hyperlinks weigh fairly closely within the search algo as one of many prime two rating components, this may affect the rankings of pages in a cell solely index.

Gary Illyes confirmed they aren’t saying an excessive amount of about hyperlinks proper now, as it’s nonetheless early of their testing.

NEW – Cell Content material Behind Tabs, Accordions, and so on

One other large concern is how Google would deal with content material hidden behind tabs and accordions. In spite of everything, on desktop, Google devalues content material in tabs, however that is normally for causes apart from those which are used for cell.

On cell, most of these options are normally used to make it simpler for searchers to shortly discover the content material that introduced them to the web page, with out having to countless scroll. And that is typically used on cell websites after they use the identical content material on each desktop and cell, however need to present the searchers a much less cluttered outcome.

Gary Illyes confirmed that most of these UX implementations wouldn’t outcome within the content material being devalued on cell.

Google Cell First Indexing – AMP

I requested Google about whether or not these adjustments would have any influence on cell pages that even have AMP variations. “Nothing adjustments on the subject of AMP,”.

This additionally implies that for m. websites, utilizing AMP wouldn’t be an answer for lacking content material. If the cell model of the web page had a decreased quantity of content material, whereas the AMP model had the total content material, Google nonetheless wouldn’t rank the content material primarily based on the AMP web page. Google will nonetheless rank primarily based on the cell web page.

The one exception to this might be if the location in query solely has AMP pages as their cell pages… then Google would rank the AMP, equally how Google will nonetheless apply the cell pleasant rating enhance to AMP variations of a web page when there isn’t an everyday cell web page however solely a desktop one.

UPDATED – Desktop Websites And not using a Cell Model

There are nonetheless fairly just a few web sites with no cell model, which is okay. Google will nonetheless index the desktop model of these pages, however they’ll do it because the cell Googlebot as an alternative.

Should you solely have a desktop web site, positively take the time to fetch and render because the cell Googlebot in an effort to make sure that even when it doesn’t render appropriately for cell customers, that the precise content material is absolutely accessible.

Additionally they recommend to web site house owners who’re presently creating a cell web site technique that it may be greatest to maintain utilizing a desktop web site, quite than implementing a unfinished cell web site.

In case you are constructing a cell model of your web site, needless to say a purposeful desktop-oriented web site will be higher than a damaged or incomplete cell model of the location. It’s higher so that you can construct up your cell web site and launch it when prepared.

Gary Illyes additionally confirmed this on Twitter, for these desktop-only web site house owners which are nonetheless involved.

Different Technical Concerns

Google additionally recommends checking your cell web site with their robots.txt testing instrument, to make sure that you aren’t blocking Googlebot. And once more, if in case you have a m. model of the location on a distinct area or subdomain, you will want to confirm that property in Google Search Console first.

NEW – H1s & Title Tags

When SEOs create desktop pages, they have an inclination to pay shut consideration to their title tags (though Google typically rewrites them) but in addition to issues like their H1s. However in the case of cell pages, Gary Illyes notes that these items are sometimes created for the consumer and never the various search engines, like what occurs on desktop.

So which means some web site house owners might want to optimize these cell pages for when Google begins utilizing them for indexing and rating – one thing that many web site house owners don’t do in any respect.

NEW – Title Tag Size for Cell

And one other factor that’s vital to contemplate in the case of rethinking title tags getting used on cell. Title tags are completely different lengths relying on whether or not it’s being displayed on cell or desktop, additional complicating the problem for web site house owners attempting to resolve the title lengths they need to use.

Total, cell title tags are about eight characters longer in comparison with desktop ones. However when optimizing these title tags for cell, when you go over about 70 characters, the title tag on desktop will both be rewritten by Google, or can be proven in a truncated kind, chopping off the top of the tag.

NEW – Web page Velocity

Web page velocity has been an element for the search outcomes for some time, though it primarily focused websites that had been excessively gradual, not ones that had been excessively quick. However there are sometimes enormous discrepancies between load occasions on cell versus desktop, particularly since some web site house owners had been solely optimizing velocity on desktop, to make sure they weren’t impacted by the web page velocity algo, quite than engaged on making certain each desktop and cell loaded quick.

So will web page velocity play a job when Google switches to cell first? This appears to be one thing Google continues to be engaged on.

NEW – Cell Pleasant Rating Enhance Standards

Nothing is altering regarding the cell pleasant rating enhance and its standards. Proper now, it solely checks to see if the web page is cell pleasant or not. If it isn’t, no enhance is given, however whether it is, then the pages get the rating enhance.

Separate Cell and Desktop Indexes

There’ll solely be one Google search index and it will likely be fully primarily based on what the cell Googlebot sees when it crawls websites. There’ll NOT be a distinct desktop index for searches executed on desktop. There is not going to be a distinct desktop index for these websites that solely have a desktop model.

When Google first started speaking about it, they referred to 2 separate indexes, and confirmed it with the primary large announcement final month. However it appears that evidently is primarily with the transition interval whereas Google is testing the cell index, since some customers will see the brand new cell first assessments, whereas others would nonetheless see cell rankings primarily based on desktop content material.

And Google is seemingly pushing for web site house owners to make sure they’ve the identical content material on desktop and cell. And from a web site proprietor perspective, it additionally is sensible to make sure the content material matches, in an effort to take full benefit of Google rankings and search visitors.

SEO in 2018

SEO in 2018

SEO in 2018 – Long gone are the days when keyword placement and backlinks guaranteed success in SEO. As Google gathers increasingly more data about us, search results have become more accurate, timely, and personalized than ever.

As such, the SEO’s job today is more than keywords and backlinks. It’s more than metadata optimisation. It’s more than even content. It’s the assurance of a frictionless user experience while delivering the right information at the right time and in a timely manner.

A lot has happened in SEO this year, but I don’t want to burden you with technicalities. Instead, I’ll discuss what I see as the most important trends in SEO on a macro level, which will give you a big-picture view of where SEO is headed.

You’ll notice how these trends build on each other, signaling the importance of a systematic and integrated SEO strategy.

SEO in 2018 – The rise of voice search

Here’s a hard fact – SEO in 2018: 1 out of 5 searches already comes from voice queries, according to Google. And that’s not surprising: Voice-activated smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are on the rise. With its new flagship phone Pixel 2 and an extended line of home speakers driven by Google Assistant, Google is advancing the adoption of voice-activated hardware.

Side note: I have a Pixel Home and a Pixel phone myself, and I can tell you: The ease of using voice search is highly addictive. Try it once and you’ll have a hard time getting back to typing.

Plus, Google recently released Google Assistant for all Android devices. This is important because, contrary to popular belief, the adoption of voice search will largely happen on mobile devices, not on home speakers.

As the accuracy of voice assistants continues to improve, we’ll see more and more people utilizing voice search for timely search queries. That’s why optimizing your casino SEO strategy for voice search today is of vital importance.

In short, this means more focus on long-tail keywords and syntax used in everyday language, as well as creating well-structured content broken down into short sections answering more search queries at a time.

SEO in 2018 – Featured snippets

How do featured snippets tie back to voice search? Well, this is the information that voice assistants return to you. However, featured snippets are more than that.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an astounding growth of featured snippets displayed in search results across all devices. Today nearly 30% of all search queries on Google have instant answers in the form of featured snippets.

In SEO terms, it’s the new position #1!

Featured snippets are already stealing up to 10% of traffic from top positions on the first page. With the growing adoption of structured data and, in turn, the accuracy of instant answers, featured snippets will further deprive other positions of traffic.

This trend is giving rise to new forms of content, such as Q&A content, which is optimized to provide short answers in response to long-tail search queries. SEOs also pay more attention to the formatting and structure of content to make it easier for Google to pull relevant information for featured snippets for SEO in 2018.

A massive shift to mobile

We are probably only months away from Google’s roll-out of the mobile-first index. This means that Google will rank pages based on the mobile version of the page.

To this date, Google has been evaluating a website’s relevance to the user based on the desktop page. However, as mobile searches today account for more than 60% of total searches, this ranking system has become obsolete. Hence the shift to the mobile-first index.

Let that sink in…

It’s probably one of the biggest algorithmic changes in Google’s history that might turn page rankings upside down.

As a result, SEOs increasingly adopt accelerated mobile pages and optimize the user experience for mobile: from page load time to navigation, information architecture, and design.

This brings me to the next trend…

User experience at the forefront

It’s not just mobile. User expectations and demands for search are growing across the board. Today users want instant solutions to their problems no matter the device they are using – read about casino advertising.

Want a hard fact? Google’s studies have shown that sites that load longer than three seconds lose about 40% of visitors. In other words, the bottom line of your business depends on seconds!

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that your site has a perfect load time. But what happens if the user can’t figure out how to navigate your site in a couple of seconds? What happens if the user can’t understand what your article is about in a couple of seconds?

They’ll bounce!

That’s why a good user experience from an SEO in 2018 perspective is more than your site’s speed. It’s the readability of your content. It’s navigation. It’s information architecture. It’s design.

Google has made it clear that a seamless user experience is part of their ranking system. And that seamless user experience must be adapted for both mobile and desktop, ensuring a frictionless journey to the answer on all devices.

This brings me to the last trend…

Optimization for intent

As we’ve learned, search results are becoming more timely and contextual.

Google does a lot on its part to integrate AI into its search algorithm so that it can combine historical information, present context (location, device, etc.), and the intent of the query to return the most relevant and personalized answer to the user in the quickest way possible.

In fact, Google has recently confirmed one of my long-held hypotheses, which is that Google’s ranking factors largely depend on the keyword intent.

For example, for keywords with clear buying intent, Google will prioritize e-commerce sites instead of major media outlets even if the latter are more authoritative. That’s because the goal of the searcher is to buy, not to find information – here some details about SEO Tips for Casinos.

Conversely, for keywords with the intent to find more information, Google will more likely prioritize highly credible media sites.

That’s why SEOs are starting to factor in the intent behind each search query and optimize the content and user experience accordingly. As such, we see a shift from generic content optimization for keywords to more contextual intent-based content optimization.

Casino advertising

Casino advertising

Casino advertising – To make the most of your online adverts you have to choose the right advert payment methods for online casinos. Below it is explained how and when to use the different online payment methods. Casino advertising is any promotion by a casino, lottery, or similar service (like casino SEO) that takes bets as part of an opportunity to win money (i.e., gambling).

Today, ads for these products and services (both online and off) appear in virtually every advertising medium you can think of. These range from on the front of football kits to television adverts to even the skin of people looking for some extra cash.

Casino advertising – PPC stand for (Pay Per Click”)

From the advertisers point of view this is called CPC “Cost Per Click”, as he sees it as an expense. As the abbreviation PPC indicates, this is an amount of money you will receive every time a visitor clicks one of your adverts on your site. The amount highly depends on what the advert is about and what affiliate network you are using.

PPC is good when your visitors are easily tempted to follow links that looks like something they are looking for. If your users/visitors are experienced in using the web, this method might not work, as they will be “immune” and quite possibly ignore the adverts.

PPA stands for (Pay Per Action/Acquisition)

As the abbreviation PPA indicates this is an amount of money that you will receive every time an advert on your site leads to a purchase or other action at the advertisers end. Put more simply, if a visitor clicks your advert and hereafter buys something from the advertiser, then you will get paid as well. The size of these payments are substantially larger than what you earn on PPC, but they are also that more infrequent. The payment is often measured as percentage of the total sale.

On the other hand PPA is called CPA “Cost Per Action”, if your are an advertiser.

PPM stands for (Pay Per thousand impressions)

The M originates from the roman numeral M, which means 1000. This means that every time an advert has been displayed a thousand times you will get paid. Notice that this is impressions and not clicks, which means that your visitors do not have to click before any payments will be coming your way.

The size of the payment is a cross between PPC and PPA. As always the size of the payment you will receive, depends on the advertiser, the industry you are in and the affiliate network that you are using.

PPM can be beneficial if your users are not willing to click your adverts (casino advertising). PPM is especially good when you have a high number of visitors who come and go often, without looking to much into your content. Unfortunately there are very few affiliate networks that offer PPM.

Depending on your affiliate network, you can freely choose what payments methods that fits you, your website and your visitors the best. However, some affiliate networks such as Adsense, will pick the adverts based on the content of your website. Often you will be able to combine different methods by using multiple affiliate networks.

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SEO, grow your business

SEO, grow your business

SEO, grow your business – Let’s start at the top. Why does your business need SEO? Because over 92% of all online journeys begin at the search engine. In 2018, it isn’t enough to have a website and a few social media accounts. Google and other search engines are in the business of getting their users the best answers to their questions. It’s up to you to show these search engines you’ve got exactly what their users are looking for.

So how does SEO work? Create what your users would love — search engines will reward you for that.

We connect SEO and ROI

There was a time when search engine optimization was all about keyword stuffing and having a bunch of backlinks. But as user needs have evolved, so have search engine algorithms.

The truth is – no marketing strategies matter if they’re not driving results for your business. Whether you’re looking for traffic, leads, sales, downloads, demo requests, or email signups, you need to work with SEO consultants and experts who can leverage your online visibility to real and measurable growth to your bottom line.

At MT Casino, SEO isn’t just about winning search engine spots and creating cool infographics. It’s about building out the content, systems, and practices to sustainably bring you quality traffic over the long haul.

Here’s how we do SEO

True search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t a one person job. Our MT Casino SEO team is a mix of content writers, technical specialists, web designers and developers. We blend our skills together to create an online presence no search engine can ignore.

Our team is experienced in delivering content marketing ROI, successful social media, and pixel-perfect digital experiences. Your results are our results, and we’re serious about that.

Online Casino SEO Services

Online Casino SEO Services

Online Casino SEO – The online industry is on an ascending path, expert projections show that this trend is going to accelerate over the next decade. The penetration of broadband Internet and of mobile devices are only two of the factors that support this global evolution. If you run an online casino business, you should take advantage of this opportunity to grab a more significant market share.

MT Online Casino SEO marketing agency can help you develop a solid strategy to grow your market share and to conquer and dominate your market. Our SEO experts use the most advanced software tools and industry insights to push your web properties to the top of search engines. Whether you run a gambling website or a mobile app, we can optimize your online casino business to reach high levels of online visibility and conversions.

We, at MT Casino, use our proprietary search engine optimization strategy that targets the right audiences, enabling you to make the most out of your investment in SEO services.

White Hat Online Casino SEO Services

White Hat Online Casino SEO ServicesOnline gambling is an extremely competitive niche, so there’s no wonder many players are tempted to achieve results by cutting corners. At MT Online Casino SEO, we disagree with such practices. We use only ethical, white hat tools and techniques to improve the online visibility of your website.

We are experts in high-quality link building and in developing the right content that’s going to help you reach your goals in the long run. We firmly believe that acquiring a massive amount of targeted traffic through black hat SEO methods isn’t worth the trouble, as it would sooner or later attract a severe Google penalty.

Whether your business focuses on poker, blackjack, roulette or sports betting, MT Online Casino SEO has both the knowledge and the means to improve the organic rankings of your website for the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche. By targeting the right keywords, we are able to enhance the profitability of your SEO campaigns, as more of these website visitors will become your paying depositing players.

We know how to analyze your strongest competitors and how to develop a long-term SEO strategy that works. We are experts in analyzing the structure of a website in terms of content effectiveness, meta title tags usage, internal linking structure and backlinks profile. Our ultimate goal is to make your website more visible in a search by using only white hat, safe methods.

The ultimate goal of all online gambling companies is to acquire as many clients as possible. By using MT Online Casino SEO services, you can boost your online marketing campaign for improving your customer acquisition. We have the right skills and the tools to help you achieve even your most daring goals.

By acquiring a steady flow of targeted traffic, you’ll be able to enjoy a constant increase of your real money players (RPMs) numbers.

As you’ve probably understood already, online casino companies are incredibly competitive. You need to struggle to obtain high positions in search engines. What makes MT Online Casino SEO better than other similar online marketing agencies is that we carefully monitor and track your SEO activities and results while maintaining our focus on acquiring RPMs.

Our SEO professionals have a wealth of experience in working with online gambling companies in regulated countries. They are already experts in helping these companies improve their organic search rankings. These experts know how difficult it is to obtain high authority inbound links for a website in this competitive niche.

Many websites aren’t too willing to associate themselves with an online gambling website, so finding high authority inbound links is more challenging than in other niches. With us, you can rest assured your online gambling website will benefit solely from white hat optimization methods and techniques.

SEO Strategy For Online Gambling Websites

MT Online Casino SEO marketing agency offers custom SEO solutions for online gambling websites and online casinos. You can opt for any of our monthly SEO packages or for a custom SEO strategy designed by our experts to suit your specific needs and requirements. We strongly believe in custom solutions rather than in one size fits all plans.

We think that the history of your website, the profile of your best target customers, the activity of your major competitors and the structure of your website have a direct influence on the results of your SEO efforts. In order to make the best out of your investment, you should choose the SEO strategy that suits best your online gambling website and your target market.

SEO Goal Setting Process

We start by having a consultation with you in regard to your online gambling website. Based on this consultation, we will define the SEO goals we see fit for your website. We do this based on an in-depth analysis of your website and of your main competitors.

SEO Plan Development

We will come to you with a suggestion of SEO plan for your online casino or gambling business. Our goal will be to acquire enough high-quality links to help you reach your goals in terms of positions in the SERPs for your best keywords. We will also help you identify these keywords to target, in order to obtain the maximum ROI.

Online Casino SEO Implementation

Once you approve the SEO plan, we will proceed to implement it step by step, in a consistent link building campaign and social media profiles management. Also, we will create high-quality content for your website.

SEO Reporting

MT Online Casino SEO will send you a monthly report so that you can stay on top of the news in regard to the activities we perform to help your website improve its visibility in search. You are welcome to contact us at any time to ask for further details on each of these activities.

SEO Monitoring

Since online gambling is an extremely competitive niche, constant monitoring is a must. We can offer you a special maintenance SEO plan, as well as social media management and video marketing services.

Is it possible to be successful by using only white hat Online Casino SEO?

A few years ago, guest posting and gambling focused business directories submissions were quite effective. Nonetheless, they are now completely outdated, and may even hurt your rankings. If you want to succeed at the SEO game, you need to offer your audience high-quality content, and associate yourself with other high authority websites in related industries.

Creating linkable content still works, and we know how to do it. Just give your viewers what they want to see, and they are going to reward you by coming back to your website for more information. Surveys, infographics, podcasts, and case studies are only a few of the content types that work.